3 Factors Sellers Need to Consider

Three Main Factors for Sellers to Consider

1.  Location Location, location, location is what everyone says in real estate.  If you've got a great location then you've got the first thing taken care of, and you don't have to worry about it.  If you have a location that is not as desirable or has some inhibiting factor about it then we really have to study what best qualities we can present about your location.

You have no control over your location.  It is what it is.

2.  Presentation Quality

You have to see the world through the buyers eyes.

There is one very important thing for you to understand when trying to sell your home: how you currently choose to live in the home, and how you stage the home for maximum reward may be two entirely different things.

When staging your property to sell, there are three main things you need to do to put the home in its most saleable condition.........

1.  De-personalize - You want the buyers to feel as if they could move right into your house without changing a thing.  Any personal pictures or artifacts left out will make it more difficult for the buyer to begin envisioning themselves taking ownership of the house, because they are constantly reminded of the current owners.

2.  De-clutter - Any clutter left on kitchen counter tops, tables, bookshelves, etc. will cause your home to feel smaller than it really is.

3.  Neutralize - Why is it that if you walk into the model home of any builder today, you will find almost all neutral colors?  Because builders are professional home sellers, and they know what it takes to sell a home!

It is common for sellers to think "I shouldn't change the paint or flooring because the buyer will want to choose their own colors".  In realty though, buyers buy on emotion, not on logic.  They will walk through your home and either have great feelings about it or not.  Yes, there are buyers who can see past paint colors, but the majority of buyers don't have the same tastes as you do and they don't have the vision to see beyond the colors.  You will be turning away 80% of potential buyers who only want homes that are move in ready.

Ask yourself these questions:

You have direct control over your presentation quality!

3.  Price

How to Price Your Home to Net You the Most Money

The market is a moving, fluid entity and no one can predict with 100% certainty what a house will sell for.  However, there are some very good techniques that can be used to help in predicting what the market will reward you with.

Many people limit their market analysis to looking at comparable sales in their neighborhood.  The problem with this, is the sold data does not tell you anything about the current market with respect  to how many buyers are in the market today (demand) and the other homes currently on the market that will be your direct competition (supply).  I always begin my pricing analysis by looking at this critical factor.

Once we know how many other houses are out there that you will be competing with, and at what rate they are being bought, you decide where to position your home in the marketplace.  If there is a low supply of houses available on the market relative to demand, you can price your home a little higher to seek maximum reward.  If there are a lot of houses on the market and a low number of buyers, then you will need to price your house accordingly so that you will be one of the best options available when you come on the market.

You have 100% control over your price.